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In continuous evolution in the market of manufacturing and mechanization of dies.
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Since its creation, Tooling & Services SL, it has gained a reputation in the area of the die manufacturing.

Through improvements have separate activity-setting machines and presses.

In its modern structure, previous work in engineering, which in combination with professional experience, can successfully tackle new challenges in complex geometry and new raw materials.

In a competitive industry, it is necessary to maintain close collaboration with our customers, providing solutions in the development of geometries and die manufacturing, putting aim to stay above required quality standards.

Currently the auxiliary automotive industry accounts for about 90% of its turnover. Predominated structural parts, as well as door reinforcements and ceilings.


A part of the Vizcaya Federation of Metal Companies, benefiting from the activities organized, ongoing training being a priority.

Engineering is the starting point of the whole project. So we consider vital a detailed initial study.
Tooling & Services offers comprehensive tooling services ranging from conceptual design to final development.



Tooling and Services



Tooling and Services

Tooling and Services

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